The Elite Four

Upon defeating at least 8 Gym Leaders in a particular region, a trainer has the right to challenge the Elite Four, a group of the region's greatest trainers. These matches are done much the same as a normal gym match, with the following additions:

  • A trainer must fight all of the members in order
  • If a trainer is defeated at any point, they must start over from the beginning
  • Although a trainer may bring items, a trainer is not permitted to leave or rest in between matches. Doing so forfeits the current challenge.

The name "Elite Four" is someone of a misnomer, as the four battles are usually followed by a battle with the League's current Pokemon Champion, if they are available. Assuming the trainer is able to defeat all four members, he or she has the right the right to challenge the current Pokemon League Champion, thereby becoming a Pokemon Champion themselves if they succeed. At that point, the trainer is expected to accept all challenges from anyone who has defeated the Elite Four, though they do not necessarily need to stay at the League and many Champions continue adventuring. Once attaining the title, a trainer is considered a Pokemon Champion forever, even if he or she is defeated by a challenger. Only in rare circumstances has the title ever been revoked by the League or given up by the trainer themselves.

Listed below are the members of the Kanto and Sinnoh Elite Four and their respective Champions.

Member Type Team
Will WillHGSS.gif Psychic cell-content
Koga KogaHGSS.gif Poison cell-content
Bruno BrunoHGSS.gif Fighting cell-content
Karen KarenHGSS.gif Dark cell-content
Lance LanceHGSS.gif Dragon cell-content
Member Type Team
Aaron AaronPlatinum.gif Bug cell-content
Bertha BerthaPlatinum.gif Ground cell-content
Flint FlintPlatinum.gif Fire cell-content
Lucian LucianPlatinum.gif Psychic cell-content
Cynthia CynthiaPlatinum.gif Various cell-content
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