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Kanto (East)

Kanto Starter Pokemon
Bulbasaur Ani001MS.png Grass Seed Pokemon
Charmander Ani004MS.png Fire Lizard Pokemon
Squirtle Ani007MS.png Water Tiny Turtle Pokemon

Johto (West)

Johto Starter Pokemon
Chikorita Ani152MS.png Grass Leaf Pokemon
Cyndaquill Ani155MS.png Fire Fire Mouse Pokemon
Totodile Ani158MS.png Water Big Jaw Pokemon

Heonn (South)

Hoenn Starter Pokemon
Treecko Ani252MS.png Grass Wood Gecko Pokemon
Torchic Ani255MS.png Fire Chick Pokemon
Mudkip Ani258MS.png Water Mud Fish Pokemon

Sinnoh (North)

Sinnoh Starter Pokemon
Turtwig Ani387MS.png Grass Tiny Leaf Pokemon
Chimchar Ani390MS.png Fire Chimp Pokemon
Piplup Ani393MS.png Water Penguin Pokemon
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