Originally invented by Professor Oak, the Pokedex is an absolutely amazing tool given to beginning trainers that provides information about all known Pokemon and records data about Pokemon the trainer has caught. A Pokedex contains material on nearly any topic a trainer could possibly want to know about Pokemon, including their height, weight, appearance, behavior (including eating and mating habits), footprint (if any), native region, strengths and weaknesses, techniques, and even some myths and rumors surrounding particular monsters.

A Pokedex is voice activated, but also has both a touch screen with stylus and a D-pad. The Pokedex can speak aloud using a simple AI, either with a male voice (Dexter) or a female voice (Dextette) at the trainer's option, or may simply display the information on its screen, or both.
A Pokedex simply needs to be pointed at a wild Pokemon in order to gain basic information about it, such as its physical properties, type, and behavior. Information on a Pokedex can be sorted by almost any category, placing Pokemon in order by name, number, weight, prefered climate, etc. The Pokedex may also be pointed at a trainer's Poke Ball to determine what kind of Pokemon it contains as well as the Pokemon's moveset.

Just having access to a Pokedex allows anyone to make any Knowledge check untrained, so long as it concerns Pokemon. Characters with any ranks in a particular Knowledge skill gain an additional +2 equipment bonus on the check when accessing Pokemon related knowledge. Capturing a Pokemon unlocks even more specific data, increasing this bonus by +1 in relation to that species of Pokemon.

Software Applications
Regional Pokedex - there are five Regional Pokedex upgrades, one for each region. Generally, a trainer just starting his career will only have access to his or her Regional Pokedex and will need to find or purchase the other software upgrades as needed.
Unknown Dex - This special application allows a Pokedex to track which varieties of Unknown a trainer has captured.

Poketch (Pokemon Watch)

The Poketch's most basic function is to display the time as a digital watch. This is by no means its only function, as the Poketech Company and other independent developers are constantly creating new applications for it. In addtion to displaying the time, a basic Poketch also contains a calculator, memo pad, a Pedometer that keeps track of the number of steps the wearer has taken, a Pokemon List that displays the trainer's Pokemon team and their current hit points.

Software Applications
Friendship Checker - keeps track of how much a captured Pokemon likes/dislikes the trainer.
Dowsing Machine - detects the location of hidden or rare items, giving off a steady ping of the trainer draws closer. This provides a +2 on Perception checks to search for items.
Berry Searcher - keeps track of the location of berry bushes you have found or planted.
Day Care Checker - reports the status of Pokemon left at a daycare and whether they have laid an egg.
Other simple applications include an alarm clock, stopwatch, kitchen timer, coin flipper, counter, calender, analog watch, and color changer (to change the LCD screen's color).


Manufactured by Silph Co. and found in the Johto region, the Pokemon Gear is a multipurpose tool primarly used for communication and navigation. It can display maps, the names and teams of trainers known to the owner, and the current time and date. In addition, it also function as a cellular phone.

Software Applications
Satellite Radio - The PokeGear can be used to tune in to local and international radio stations, not only allowing it to play music, but also giving the trainer access to trainer advice shows and live-seminars from various Pokemon professors.
Gear Tracker - Enables the PokeGear to detect other PokeGears within a few miles, displaying their location on its map. This helps trainers in the field find eachother, as well as making it easier to find missing persons.


Developed by the Devon Corporation, the PokeNav shares many of the same functions as the PokeGear, but is found primarily in the Hoenn region. It lacks the ability to be used as a radio, but has more applications geared toward Pokemon Contests, such as identifying the Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough status of a Pokemon and recording the trainer's ribbons and other awards.

Capture Styler

A Styler looks similar to a remote control and can launch a Capture Disc at wild Pokemon. The Disc projects feelings of friendship to the Pokemon, giving the Ranger a +2 bonus on Persuade and Handle Pokemon checks. The Styler also contains a Ranger Browser which functions similar to a Pokedex, granting the Ranger a +2 on Pokemon checks. It also works as a satellite phone. More experienced Rangers can receive upgrades for additional features and functionality.
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