Poke Balls

The term 'Poke Ball' is a catch all term (pun intended) for a variety of different items that all have the same basic function: to capture, store, and transport Pokemon. A Poke Ball, with few exceptions, can only be used on a wild Pokemon, requiring a ranged touched attack to hit and dealing 1 point of nonlethal damage. A Pokeball has a range increment of 15 feet. Once hit, the character must then make a Capture Check (d20+class lvl+Int mod) opposed by the Pokemon's HD + 10 to capture the monster. Once captured, the Pokemon stays stored within the Pokeball until released and can be recalled at any time (using a Move action) without requiring a new check, unless the Pokemon is uncontrolled.
Attempting to use a Poke Ball on a human will only give them a slight shock (1d4 nonlethal electric damage), although a Poke Ball can be used to store small objects, such as potions, technique machines, or even food.
The standard Poke Ball can be (and often is) customized in various ways, such as having the trainer's initials or the Pokemon's nickname engraved on the side, or having a different shell casing or symbol.


A common and favorite food source for Pokemon everywhere, berries are fruits and vegetables that can be used in battle to cure status ailments and hit points or add various other affects. Berries are also the primary ingredients in Pokemon of candy and snacks.


Some expensive supplements can actually raise a Pokemon's ability scores. All of the following items can only be used on the same Pokemon 10 times and count as an inherent bonus. The exception is the PP Up, which can only be used three times on a specific attack. Most of these items can be purchased in major cities, although a few must be found or received as a prize.

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