The New Mission?

I'm going to start looking into seeing if Pathfinder will make a good framework for what I want to accomplish. At the moment I'm trying to discern if I should attempt to go the route of trying to make individual monsters or creating something more mutable.

The Old Mission

This site is dedicated to creating a Pokemon style campaign setting for the d20 system, largely based on a D&D 4e framework with a healthy amount of my own material. I aim to keep true to the source material while making it accessible to gamers of various ages. The project is not compatible with other d20 material, though I will try to make conversions relatively painless.


Here is the alpha pdf for the old version of the game: Pokemon Core Rules

Site News

06/05/2013 - I might be starting on something again. No promises, though! If I get anything new moving I may link it on the Giant in the Playground forums.
12/8/2010 - Started working on the classes again today to make them a little fuller and suck less. Its going to be slow, but hopefully I'll have something accomplished before the end of this year.
11/14/2010 - Ya, been a while since I've updated anything. I'll be going over my material again to see how I want to go from here. I may just get the system functional and leave it from there.

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