Swords Dance - boosts attack by two stages
Growth - boosts special by one
Double Team - boosts dodge by one
Harden - increase defense by one stage
Defense Curl - increase defense by one stage, boosts other moves
Focus Energy - greatly increases crit range
Sharpen - boosts attack by one stage
Belly Drum - sacrifice half hp but maxes damage

Leer - lowers all foes defense
Tail Whip - lowers all foes defense
Smokescreen - lowers target's accuracy by one
Glare - 90% chance to paralyze
Lovely Kiss - 75% chance to sleep
Sweet Kiss - 75% chance to confuse
Scary Face - lowers target's speed by two stages

Special nondamage
Whirlwind - ends combat
Softboiled - restores 50% hp

Retyped sonic moves
Snore - only works while sleeping, 30% to cause flinch
Echoed Voice - deals increased damage each consecutive time
Round - deals damage pr double damage if used by an ally
Relic Song - cone attack that has 10% to sleep
Uproar - as rage but lasts 3 rounds
Hyper Voice - powerful cone
Growl - lowers all foes attack
Roar - ends combat
Sing - 50% puts target to sleep
Supersonic - 50% chance to confuse
Sonicboom - deals set damage no matter what
Screech - decreases target's defense by 2

Retyped magic moves
Weather Ball - deals weather based damage
Swift - ranged cone attack hits all the time
Secret Power - deals damage and status affects based on the environment
Tri Attack - deals damage and has a 20% chance to cause status effect
Judgement - unique attack
Hyper Beam
Disable - randomly disables one move for 1d6 turns
Mimic - allows user to select one of target's moves
Recover - restores up to 50% hp
Minimize - decreases user by one size
Metronome - randomly uses any move
Transform - completely copies target
Conversion - copies target's type
Conversion 2 - changes type to defensive
Substitute - sacrifices 25% hp to create fake double
Sketch - copies target's last move permanently
Mind Reader - user's next move will not fail
Protect - completely prevents target's attack. 50% chance of failure each consecutive use

One hit kills
Horn Drill
Splash - lololol

Techno Blast - type changes based on Drive
Selfdestruct - I'm the bomb
Explosion - Dad bomb.


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