Normal Moves

Unlike other types, Normal type moves can be chosen by any monster who meets the prerequisites. In fact, most Pokemon start out with one of the following Basic attacks.

Basic Attacks

Basic attacks never cost power points and deal damage based on the user's size. They may also be prerequisites for more powerful moves. As with any other move, the monster must have the necessary body part to deliver the attack.
Pound - A punch or slap. Requires arms or similar appendage.
Scratch - A cut. Requires claws, thorns, or spines.
Tackle - A slam or shove. Requires a solid form.

Fine Dimin. Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Garg. Colossal Titanic
- 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 2d8 4d6

1st Level Normal Moves

Constrict: Deals basic damage and has a 10% chance to reduce target's speed by 10ft.
Double Slap/Comet Punch - deals size damage 1d4+1 times
Barrage/Spike Cannon - ranged attack 1d4+1 times
Furry Attack/Fury Swipes - deals size damage 1d4+1 times

2nd Level Normal Moves

Bind: Deals basic damage for 1d4+1 turns.
Quick Attack: Moves user up one space in the initiative and deals basic damage.
Tail Slap: deals size damage 1d4+1 times
Wrap: Deals 1/16th of the target's health 1d4+1 for turns

3rd Level Normal Moves

Feint: Moves user up one space in the initiative and deals basic damage. Hits through Protect, Detect, etc.
Rage: user cannot stop attacking and deals increasing damage each turn

4th Level Normal Moves

Double Hit - hits twice
Fake Out: Moves user up one space in the initiative and automatically causes the target to flinch. Can only be used on the first round.

5th Level Normal Moves

6th Level Normal Moves

7th Level Normal Moves

Extreme Speed: Moves user to the top of the initiative and deals basic damage + lvl.
Hyper Fang: Deals basic damage + lvl with a double critical threat range and 10% chance to cause target to flinch.

8th Level Normal Moves

Super Fang: Deals 50% of the target's current hp

9th Level Normal Moves

Head Charge: The most powerful charge attacking, dealing 1/2 damage back to the user.
Double Edge: A punishing take down, dealing 1/3 recoil damage to the user.The user avoids recoil is target faints.
Thrash: Once started, the user continues to thrash for 1d2+1 turns and is unable to do anything else, after which it becomes confused.

10th Level Normal Moves

Giga Impact - The most powerful normal move, requiring one round of rest after use.

Vanilla attacks
Vice Grip
Horn Attack
Slash - 19-20 crit
Mega Punch
Egg Bomb
Mega Kick

Rapid Spin - deals size damage and removes holds and traps
Pay Day - deals money based damage
False Swipe - deals size damage and always leaves target with 1 hp
Struggle - deals increased size damage when out of pp
Smelling Salts - cures and deals double damage to paralyzed/sleeping foes
Covet - deals size damage and steals held items
Stomp - has a 30% to flinch and crits on smaller targets
Headbutt - has a 30% to flinch
Dizzy Punch - 20% of confusing target
Facade - damage is doubled if user is under a status affect
Retaliate - deals double damage if an ally fainted in previous turn
Chip Away - deals size damage and ignores defense/evasion boosts
Crush Claw - deals size damage and 50% to lower defense
Razor Wind - delayed area attack with increased crit

Body Slam - 15% chance to paralyze
Take Down - powerful tackle with 25% recoil
Rock Climb - powerful tackle with 20% confuse
Skull Bash - powerful delayed headbutt

Last Resort - more powerful struggle
Bide - waits two rounds then deals all damage taken
Flail - inflicts greater damage the lower user's hp


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