Nature Bonus Penalty Likes Dislikes
Lonely Strength Constitution Spicy Sour
Brave Strength Dexterity Spicy Sweet
Adamant Strength Charisma Spicy Dry
Naughty Strength Wisdom Spicy Bitter
Bold Constitution Strength Sour Spicy
Relaxed Constitution Dexterity Sour Sweet
Impish Constitution Charisma Sour Dry
Lax Constitution cell-content Sour Bitter
Timid Dexterity Strength Sweet Spicy
Hasty Dexterity Constitution Sweet Sour
Jolly Dexterity Charisma Sweet Dry
Naive Dexterity Wisdom Sweet Bitter
Modest Charisma Strength Dry Spicy
Mild Charisma Constitution Dry Sour
Quiet Charisma Dexterity Dry Sweet
Rash Charisma Wisdom Dry Bitter
Calm Wisdom Strength Bitter Spicy
Gentle Wisdom Constitution Bitter Sour
Sassy Wisdom Dexterity Bitter Sweet
Careful Wisdom Charisma Bitter Dry
Bashful - - - -
Docile - - - -
Hardy - - - -
Quirky - - - -
Serious - - - -
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