Legendary Pokemon

#493 Arceus アルセウス Arceus
TN Gargantuan Cosmic Pokemon
Capture DC: 70
Initiative: +43 Senses: Ultravision

AC: 60 (+20 Class, +15 Dex, +15 Deflection)
HP: 890 (40HD)
Fort: 64 Ref: 62 Will: 64
Ability: Multitype

Speed: 200 ft, 400 ft Fly (Perfect), 200 ft Burrow and Swim
Attack Bonus: +41 melee, +41 ranged
Techniques Known: 15, Power Points: 307
Basic - Tackle
1st - Fury Attack
2nd - Refresh
3th - Cosmic Power
4th - Recover, Gravity
5th - Seismic Toss
6th - Hyper Voice, Future Sight
7th - Natural Gift, Extreme Speed
8th - Punishment, Perish Song
9th - Hyper Beam
Epic - Judgment - rains down divine wraith, dealing 28d10+15 damage based on Arceus's type in a 400 ft radius

Advancement: 28-30 (Huge), 41-46 (Colossal)
Evolution: None
Skills: All skills are trained and made at +40
Feats: Alertness, Empower Technique, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical (Tackle), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflex, Maximize Technique, Quicken Technique, Toughness
Epic Feats: Dire Charge, Epic Reputation, Keen Strike, Polyglot*, Superior Initiative
Str 40 (+15), Con 50 (+20), Dex 40 (+15), Int 40 (+15), Wis 40 (+15), Cha 40 (+15), App 40 (+15)
The Alpha Pokemon
Arceus is the god and creator of the Pokemon Universe. Born from an egg made of primal chaos, Arceus is the original, uncreated being. It resides in the Hall of Origin, high above Spear Pillar, and is said to appear to anyone playing the Azure Flute. Not even a Master Ball is guaranteed (or even likely) to capture it.
Godly: Arceus is superior to even Legendary Pokemon. It gains 20 hp per level and has an additional +5 on its Capture DC. It is immortal and does not need to eat, sleep, or even breath. Additionally, its speed is tripled through all mediums. Arceus can speak and understand all languages.
Alter Reality: This ability is similar to the wish technique. Arceus merely thinks of something and then makes it so. Doing this requires at least a standard action. For example, Arceus can duplicate a technique with any metamove feat. This use of the ability requires Arceus to rest for 1 round for each level that the feat would normally add to the technique. It still takes a standard action to use this ability, so there is no point in using the ability to duplicate a quickened move. Arceus can render a magical or supernatural effect permanent. The power point requirement varies with the effect: 10 x the level of the effect times the number of subjects affected, 10 x the total Hit Dice of creatures affected, or 10 x each 10-foot cube affected. Use the highest applicable value. Arceus can reshape a landscape, creating any type of terrain it can imagine. Each 10-foot cube of material to be reshaped requires 1 round of effort, and Arceus must rest for one hour per 10-foot cube shaped after the work is completed.

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