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Q: What is this site?
A: This is the largest and most complete fan-attempt at creating a Pokemon d20 conversion on the internet. Believe me, I've looked.

Q: Why isn't Pokemon [Name] stated?
A: Because I'm not done yet.

Q: Why did you change the type/size of a Pokemon?
A: It felt more right, made sense, or helped with game balance.

Q: What sources are you drawing from?
A: Primarily the anime and handheld video game. But if I find something cool or interesting in the manga or TCG, that gets added, too.

Q: Can I playtest your rules?
A: Of course! In fact, let me know how that goes. I always need input.

Q: Are these rules compatible with D&D 4e.
A: No. While the game is based on that system, the rules for both player characters and Pokemon are underpowered compared to canon 4e material. The rules for techniques and talents are not compatible with 4e.

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