Epic Destiny


Aura Guardian
Prerequisites: Good or Lawful, Aura User feat
Proficiency: Aura Guardians are proficient with all simple weapons and light armor.
Powers: An Aura Guardian gain the following destiny powers:
Apprentice (21st level) - The Aura Guardian gains the aid of an apprentice Pokemon. This Pokemon functions in all ways as a cohort except that it gains the Aura User ability. If it is already Aura sensitive, it instead gains a bonus Aura technique.
Read memories (24st level) - An Aura Guardian can not only read thoughts, but can see a target's past. The Guardian can see 1 week per point of his Wisdom modifier into the target's past. The Guardian must still make an attack vs the target's Will defense if it is unwilling.
Blindsight (26th level) - An Aura Guardian can sense the world using only his Aura Sight just as easily as with his eyes and ears. The Guardian cannot be blinded or deafened and is immune to affects that lower his accuracy.
Aura Shield (30th level) - The Aura Guardian can create force fields around himself and adjacent allies. This can be done as an immediate action or in reaction to a damaging affect. The damage is deducted from the Guardian's power point pool instead of his hit points.


Elite Specialist
Prerequisites: Pokemon Specialist career
Proficiency: Elite Specialists are not proficient with any additional equipment.
Talents: Elite Specialist may choose talents from the Specialist talent list in addition to those normally available to him.
Powers: A Specialist gains the following destiny powers:
Complete Control (21st level) – An Elite Specialist never loses control of the Pokemon he is currently commanding. If he already has a similar ability then he is always in control during a Double Battle, and his Pokemon never have a chance of accidentally striking eachother.
Type Change (24th level) – The Elite Specialist gains his favored type as his secondary type. He retains his Resistance class feature, even if his type is normally super effective against itself. In addition, he learns one 4th level techniques from his favored type’s Technique list.
Technique (26th level) – The Specialist learns one 9th level technique from his favored type’s Technique list.
Transcendant (30th level) – Elite Specialist are true masters of their chosen type. They can speak with Pokemon of their type as if they knew Pokespeak, and wild Pokemon of their favored type will not willingly attack the Elite Specialist unless threatened.


Team Boss
Prerequisites: Pokemon Gangster or Pokemon Outlaw
Proficiency: Team Bosses do not gain any additional proficiencies.
Powers: A Team Boss has the following destiny powers:
Cult (21st level) - The Boss has a massive following of dedicated cronies. He gains a number of 4th level minions equal to his character level or his Charisma score, whichever is higher. If he has the Leadership ability, his minions can be up to 6th level. They believe in his cause and seek him out. They do not need to be recruited.
True Belief (24th level) - Twice per day, when the Boss is targeted by an ability that would keep him from achieving his goal, he may add his full character level (rather than half) to the Defense targeted by the ability. The maximum level of his minions increases by 2.
Master Plan (26th level) - The boss uses his full character level on skill checks related to knowledge about Legendary Pokemon, including their location and artifacts. In addition, he ignores the penalty to Control checks for Legendary Pokemon.
Ultimate Power (30th level) - A Pokemon Outlaw gains the Elite class feature. A Pokemon Gangster gains the Dark type (or another type related to his team's theme) as his secondary type and learns an Ability of his choice from the same type. Lastly, the maximum level of his minions increases by 2.


Pokemon Master (WIP)
Prerequisites: 8 Badges or 30 Pokemon caught
Proficiency: Pokemon Masters do not gain any additional proficiencies.
Powers: A Pokemon Master has the following destiny powers:
Ultra Ball (21st) - A Pokemon Master may treat any Poke Ball he throws as an Ultra Ball, in addition to its other properties. If the ball's Capture Bonus is already higher than +4, it gains an additional +2 to its Capture Bonus.
Dream Team (24th level) – A Master’s Roster works supremely well together. They never have a chance of striking eachother in a double battle and now gain a +3 moral bonus to Defense and attack or damage rolls when fighting alongside another member. This overlaps the A Team ability

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