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Techniques are attacks and utility powers that a Pokémon uses in and out of battle. They are split into three primary categories: Physical, Special, and Support, each of which is further subdivided among the seventeen Pokémon types. In addition to learning techniques at a certain level, Pokémon may also learn moves from Technical Machines (TMs) which are bought or created.

Power Points

Pokemon gain a number of power points equal to their level x (positive Wisdom modifier + 3). At 11th level and again at 21st level, this multiplier increases by 1, so that a 21st level Pokemon with 20 Wisdom would have pp equal to 21 x (5 + 5).

Basic Techniques

A Pokemon’s “natural weapons” are its basic techniques. All Pokemon have at least one basic attack that it can use as often as it likes without expending any power points. Most basic techniques are Normal type moves. Any damage dealt is based on the Pokemon’s size.

Advanced Techniques

A Pokémon’s superior attacks and powers range from 1st to 9th level and are divided into three separate forms: Physical, Special, and Support.
Physical: Physical attacks are almost always melee or ranged attacks made against a target’s Armor Class or Fortitude and Reflex Defenses. Physical attacks always use Strength for melee techniques and Dexterity for ranged techniques.
Special: Special attacks are often ranged or supernatural attacks that use Charisma or Wisdom to overcome the target’s Defenses.
Support: Nearly all support moves are non-attacks that buff the user, change the weather, cause a status problem, or perform some utility function.

Epic Techniques

Most Pokemon do not naturally learn epic techniques, although Legendary Pokemon commonly have one or two. Epic techniques require the user to spend 19 power points, and even then a non-Legendary Pokemon can only use the move once per day.

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